Kagitlari olan safranli Pomeranian köpek yavrusu

250 TL
İstanbul / Büyükçekmece Büyükçekmece
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Schneider Eva


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The saffrony Pomeranian dog puppies
whose cards are the Pomeranian bitch have been the proud mother of 6 sweetheart puppies ???
There are 3 bitches and 3 boys. You are invited here to join me immediately and set the date of your first visit. Im satisfied, did I get one already? Before the resection? against.
Our babies are growing up on a nice slope and are fed and fed by their mothers.
We grow our babies in our habitat, because we do not have any dog ​​clubs or massages. The little ones are part of the development of all the house procedures that have been linked with the Dwarfspitz Pomeranian Puppies, with the enjoyment of the full connection of their families and with pure-spirited spitz Pomeranian puppies.
Thank you

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